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Written by:Senamile Sishange


Mixing and Matching: Top Tips for Merging Different Interior Design Styles

Mixing interior design styles can be fun and exciting. However, it can be challenging to try and merge your hubby's industrial interior design style with your taste in Scandi interiors. Another challenge when it comes to mixing styles is incorporating family heirlooms into our homes. While we may want to pay tribute to the past by holding onto these family hand-me-downs, we also want to cultivate our own unique style. Come along with me as I share a few tips on how to mix different interior design styles and incorporate heirlooms into your space, without them feeling out of place.

The first thing to consider is colour. Colour is a very important interior design element especially when you are trying to mix different interior design styles. Choose a unifying colour palette that will prevent any items from standing out too much. This will help all your furniture pieces and decor items blend together and create a cohesive look regardless of incorporating different styles. A neutral colour scheme like whites paired with beige, grey and different tones of brown will achieve this very well. If you are into more colourful interiors, you can consider using a analogous colour scheme, in other words, colours that have similar undertones like red, orange and yellow.

Modern meets minimal

By using a subdued colour palette you can create a look that is still cohesive despite drawing on different interior styles.

Secondly, consider other important elements like pattern and texture when choosing your wall coverings, flooring and furniture. A killer tip when using pattern is to spread it around your space and not to concentrate it all on one spot. This little trick will help create a unified design. Once you get a hang of the basics you can mix a lot of different styles with ease for example,  you can mix a rustic wooden table with gorgeous glass chairs to achieve a rustic glam style. You can also mix a modern coffee table ottoman with a traditional bohemian rug to get a modern bohemian style.

In the case of heirlooms, I like to think of these as very special furniture pieces that can often be used to add brown accents to your space. Think of the armoire you inherited from your grandmother or the Harriet chair your aunt passed down to you. The most effortless way to add heirlooms into your design and to prevent them from looking out of place is to make them the focal point of your space. You can adjust your spatial planning by moving your furniture around in order to draw attention to your vintage pieces.

You can also simply give your heirlooms an update. A layer of paint can give your masterpiece that update it needs to fit in with your current design style. For example, take that vintage brown dresser and paint it lilac (the hottest colour of the moment FYI) and it fits right into your Scandi-styled bedroom.

Turn family heirlooms into focal elements.

Another tip you can try is to repurpose your heirlooms to give them a totally different function. For example, you can completely reimagine an old tool trunk by adding legs to turn it into a rustic coffee table. Giving life to some of the old unused items and given them a new purpose is one of my personal favourite pastimes.

Keepsake items are also very important to hang onto and to store safely, especially if you are a hoarder like me. Just like other heirlooms simply give your keepsakes an update to fit in with your current style or choose a colour that will complement your space.

Antiques are very special and timeless, they are a great way to add character into a space and to make it feel lived in. If you are still stuck for ideas, remember you can always reach out to me by booking a package on Gerieflijk so we can chat through many more mixed-style solutions!


Senamile Sishange  |  Interior Designer

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