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General FAQs

Online interior design allows you to create your beautiful space from the comfort of your own home. All correspondence with your interior designer will be done virtually so no need to leave the house!

We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful home and we do our very best to make our services more affordable and accessible than traditional interior design services. Gerieflijk doesn’t charge hourly fees but rather a once-off flat fee per room to receive complete design services from our network of professional and experienced interior designers. We ask about your room budget up front, and work with a variety of retailer partners to ensure the final design is one you (and your wallet) will be happy with!

We’d love to discuss this kind of project with you. The majority of our projects are residential, so the furniture and decor pieces we source are mostly residential grade. If you are looking for design assistance with commercial-grade furniture and/or any installation, we probably wouldn’t be the best fit. But if you are comfortable with the product lines from our current retail partners, we could definitely work with you to design your space!

Designer FAQs

Gerieflijk is an amazing platform that connects South African interior designers directly with customers, no matter where they’re located within the country. Gerieflijk is unique to the South African market, as it gives our Premium package buyers the opportunity to get a 3D view of their designed room that YOU have designed for them and customers can actually shop directly from their design’s shopping list! Gerieflijk exposes you to new customers, new local retailers, artisans, manufacturers and their products. We also give you the opportunity to learn new skills that you can apply elsewhere in your own capacity.

You will use Gerieflijk’s integrated software with its 3D model catalogue (of actual shoppable products) to create the customer’s 3D floorplan, 3D design and realistic 3D renderings from a few angles, which then gives the customer a realistic view of what their room could potentially look like if they purchased all the products you used in their design. The final customer-approved design gets sent to the customer together with a shopping list that fits within their provided budget.

All communication will be done through the Gerieflijk online messaging system.

No not necessarily, although previous experience will be an advantage. We will give you time to play around and experiment on Gerieflijk’s integrated software before you start with any projects. You will anyway have to build your Gerieflijk profile with designs that you’ve actually created using our 3D software.

No you don’t, we’ve got you covered! Once you have signed up with us you will be given login details which takes you to our customer engagement system as well as our design platform.

Take a look at our packages page here. Be sure to note the difference between the D-Lite, Lite and Premium packages in terms of customer reverts as well as project turnaround times. Kindly pay attention to the detailed differences before purchasing the right package for you.

We’re always looking for talented, professional interior designers. All interior designer applications must meet the following requirements:

  • Submit their formal educational qualification and portfolio of past projects
  • Experience in interior decorating, design, home staging, visual merchandising, etc.
  • Passionate about design
  • Knowledgeable about current trends and retailers
  • Works well with others and independently
  • Hard-working, flexible, and willing to work to satisfy our customers
  • Self-starter who needs little direction and are deadline-driven
  • Own laptop and high-speed wifi access

Gerieflijk designers are hired as independent contractors, remotely with flexible work hours. Workload may vary from week to week. Payment is project based, dependent on the package the customer purchased.

Experienced Decorators please apply here | Professional Interior Designers please apply here

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Customer FAQs

Our virtual interior design services are offered online, allowing you to find a professional designer to help you create “your” dream space and order products that are locally available – all in one place. You can share your design inspiration and feedback at home or on-the-go… Convenient right?!

You can get started on your design project in a few easy steps! Once you’ve taken the style quiz and registered to get your results, you can buy a Lite or Premium package and select your preferred designer. You can also opt for our valuable D-Lite package to get more guidance before you even decide to buy a Lite or Premium package.

After you’ve purchased a package and selected a designer, you’ll build a personal design profile where we ask you a series of questions (i.e. inspiration photos, budget, colors/patterns/textures you like and dislike, etc.), so we can understand exactly what you are looking for.

In order to make Gerieflijk a more affordable service, we need you to complete your profile with as much information as possible. This will include room measurements, taking and uploading photos of your room from different angles. Even if you don’t have a clear vision of what you want your room to look like, the more detailed your profile is, the easier it is for your designer to nail the design from the get-go and the less time consuming the collaboration process is.

Yes, we can incorporate your existing decor and furniture pieces while designing. Our designers will ensure your new design, which will feature a combination of your existing furniture and some new handpicked ones, will be cohesive and reflect your style and personality. Once you’ve purchased a design package, you can upload pictures of the existing furniture and decor you’d like to keep, to your design profile. We’ll find similar products from our global catalogue to use in your design.

Once you’ve built your profile, your interior designer will set up an intro video call to get started! All communication and collaboration afterward will happen on Gerieflijk’s website.

Yes of course! Collaboration is one of our core values and we need your input to ensure you are happy with the selected products included in your design. Once you’ve purchased a package, you’ll have access to the Gerieflijk online shop and can search through all the available products and inform your designer which items are “must-haves”!

Both Lite and Premium packages includes: Bedroom, Lounge, Living Room, Dining Room, Study or Home Office, Nursery, Playroom, Family Room, Entryway, Bathroom, Kitchen and Patio.

All Gerieflijk’s projects are based on rooms at a maximum size of 25m2 per room.

You can design as many rooms as you’d like at the same time but the turnaround time will obviously be longer and it will depend on your selected decorator or designer’s availability. If you’re planning on designing more than one room, contact us at for discounted package rates per room.

Gerieflijk’s core values are to provide a premium offering within all budgets. Although we aim to support locally made products, we do realise that imported products may be more affordable to most customers. Notify your decorators/designer up-front about your realistic budget and they’ll do their very best to stick to that budget.

All the designs come with a curated shopping list of the products featured in your design. But you decide what to shop and when to shop from your shopping list. You can put your room together, one shipment at a time, at your convenience. The only catch here is, there is a possibility that the products handpicked by your designer suited for your style, budget, and layout may run out of stock at the retailer or even be discontinued. We recommend completing all purchases within 8-12 weeks from when you received your shopping list.

In order to make our service offering more affordable, we are heavily dependent on our customers’ inputs. Building your profile to the best of your ability is crucial and will minimise design disappointments. Each package includes a few design reverts (review our packages here), however if you’re still unhappy with your final design, please let us know. We are more than happy to have a conversation about the way forward.

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