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We believe in sustainable design. This is why we support slow manufacturing that benefits local communities and that is environmentally conscious. We encourage our designers to incorporate proudly South African pieces into their designs where this is feasible, giving our clients access to legacy pieces. At the same time, we endeavor to make beautiful living accessible to as many people as possible, and therefore, we also offer well-designed imported pieces where this is appropriate to a client’s lifestyle and budget needs. What you can always be assured of is that we curate our pieces to be of the highest quality possible, meaning that you will be able to enjoy them for years to come. Your furniture and decor is an investment into your home and into an economy. We are transparent about our sourcing to give you the freedom to choose where you want your investment to go. Take a look at our incredible Partners and keep an eye out for the tags stating whether products are Imported or Local and Made in SA.

How our delivery model works

Our customer will place an order from our online store

We automatically send the order to our dropshipping supplier

Our dropshipping supplier prepares our customer’s order

Our dropshipping supplier ships the order directly to our customer

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